“To begin, I would like to thank you so much for your attention and thoughtfulness during our visit to your beautiful establishment Saturday.  The food and service were impeccable. The decor, atmosphere and friendliness made my her feel a little like she was ‘home’.   We chose the right place to celebrate Mother’s Day with Mom.  She is extremely fussy, so when she said she liked her food, we we’re ecstatic.  Then, the deserts!  She is telling her friends about the deserts.  Again, our thanks to you two for making our day.”

Linde, Burlington, VT


“The authenticity of the German cakes were a delight. The architecture of the barn and decor will leave you in awe. The hosts Renate and her husband are a delight.
What a gem, we will be back!!”

Claudia, Jacksonville, FL


“A lovely menu, excellent food, and a truly inviting setting overlooking the Green Mountains and the Lamoille Valley. Close to Johnson State College on Plot Road. Renate and Glenn are wonderful hosts. A wonderful Vermont experience. We experienced herb butter on our pumpernickel bread, a golden chutney, and quiche all made from ingredients grown in their own garden. Their own hens’ eggs were used in the quiche and baked goods. Genuine marzipan. A perfect pot of black tea. All served on vintage china with Glenn and Renate’s gentle flair. You’ll be impressed by the stone work in the chimney, the woodwork in the tea house, the apple trees at the door. A perfect place for an afternoon visit, an anniversary, or a Mother’s Day treat.”

Darlene, Fairfax, VT


My 11 yo son and I were thru hiking The Long Trail. I found a note in shelter’s logbook about a new tea house one mile ahead. We called and folks from Fledermaus picked us up from the road. What a lovely place owned by wonderful wonderful couple!
We were offered everything a hiker can dream of. I mean it!
The food was great! Aged cheese, nice prosciutto, fresh vegetables and berries from the garden, homemade desserts and etc. Vegan cucumber soup I would remember for years. Presentation was excellent. Flowers, candles…. I enjoyed my tea in thin porcelain cup. And all this right from the woods after 200 miles of walking! Well, we could not stop eating. I had 5 or 6 pieces of cake. Apparently we could not move much after that so we were offered to stay. We pitched a tent, set up really quickly and polished our evening with another pot of tea and delicious desserts sitting outside.
Friends from Fledermaus gave us some fruits to take back with us and leave on the trail for other hikes (we call it trail miracles).
The next morning we started early dreaming about all the food we could’ve had at Fledermaus if we stayed for breakfast.
Would we visit the place if not hiking? Absolutely
Are we coming back? Absolutely.”

Leshkay, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


“Wow, this restaurant was amazing! Probably the best cake and ice cream I have ever tasted. The food was delicious. The lemon cake was tart but not so tart you can’t eat it. The blueberry cake was sweet but not so sweet it was over powering. And the ice cream…wow. It was magical. The staff are so friendly and nice. They are very helpful and they make sure you have a great time. The environment of the restaurant is so welcoming and very home like. It smells like…yum, the kitchen at grandmas. There was homemade everything…the food, the restaurant and even the chairs! Pictures lining the walls, and gorgeous China. This is a must go if you go to Vermont!”

L., Bethesda, Maryland


“Such kind people, lovely service and amazing cakes, all in the most relaxing, beautiful natural environment. It feels like a fairy tale. Don’t miss it.”

H.H., New York City, NY


“Stumbled upon this hidden gem as we were looking for a place to get something to eat. As we drove up the back roads we were pleasantly surprised as we saw a flag in front of the drive welcoming us. The country scenery was neatly manicured and as we walked toward the barn we were greeted by the friendly owners. This couple warmly welcomed us and invited us to wander their property or come inside to look. Once inside we were again pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful barn that had been converted into a teahouse. We ordered a pot of tea and a farmers platter which was all served on China. The atmosphere was pleasant and easy and we enjoyed our visit. The experience had a European flavor that was unexpected in our afternoon. We highly recommend you visit as well.”

Robin, Tequesta, FL


“This is a delightful and civilized teahouse. Interior is set up like a living room and dining room, with cozy tables and nooks with upholstered furniture. My friend and I sat in chairs in front of a window with a nice breeze blowing. We each had a lovely raspberry meringue cake and a pot of tea. Next time I would sample the savory fare as well. The service was a perfect balance of attention and privacy. It’s located a bit off the beaten path, but well worth seeking out. It’s nice to find a place that’s sophisticated enough to dress up and have a proper tea out in the countryside.”

Kimberly, Hyde Park, VT


“This tea house is tucked into a freshly-renovated barn in Johnson VT. We were there on a rainy, grey day – and it was bright and cheerful with gorgeous views of dripping woodlands and carefully-tended gardens.
Service: perfect. Friendly, helpful, attentive, NOT intrusive in any way.
The tea was marvelous – a single or double pot of your choice of many varieties. Additionally there were several kinds of coffee, hot chocolate, and cold drinks as well.
They offer a menu of savories and sweets; we were there for sweets. The apple spice cake was the best I have ever tasted. The blueberry scones were moist and chock-full of blueberries and full blueberry flavor. The lemon cake – which we did not have (no room!) smelled divine. If the savory offerings are half as good, they would be worth a drive of twice the distance.
Their hours are regular but non-standard; check the web site. The barn can accommodate twenty with ease and plenty of elbow room. We had the place to ourselves, as we were early and the day was miserable. There is absolutely NO “rush” to get you in and out; come early and stay as long as you like.
The cost is very reasonable for exquisite foods, carefully prepared – but while I put this under “cheap eats” in price, do not mistake that for fast-food prices or quality.
For those with smaller children: they do not have a children’s menu or items that cater to little ones. Older children who can be gentle inside – or who can run in the yard outside on a nice day – might enjoy it.
If you are anywhere in northern Vermont – from Montpelier to Stowe to Burlington to St Albans – you can get here with ease and it WILL be worth your time. Go. You’ll be so very glad you did.”

C.G., Lexington, MA